Villa Doria Pamphilj – English


Villa Doria Papmhilj is the biggest green area of Rome. Is located near the via Gianicolense. Today is one of the most favorite destination for joggers and their pets, for art’s and nature’s lovers…

As many others urban parks, it comes from the country estate of a noble Roman family

Historical notice

Villa Doria Pamphilj was bought by the city of Rome, from  the Genoa’s family Doria Pamphilj, between 1965 and 1971.

The ancient core, the Villa Vecchia, already existed before 1930, when Panfilo Pamphilj bought the property. In 1644 another member of the family, Giovanni Battista Papmhilj, became Pope under the name of Innocenzo X, he want to inaugurate a new building, oversaw by his nephew Camillo Pamhilj, who became cardinal.

This is the famous Casino, whose works were entrusted to architect Algardi, who drew inspiration at the Villa Medici. The building was born as a museum for the vast collection of ancient and modern statues of the Doria Pamphilj family, most of which is now in the Capitoline Museums.

Algardi also designed the Fontana di Venere, built near the Villa Vecchia, adding a tiered channel running through the park in honor of Villa Adriana in Tivoli. In the following years was also designed the Secret Garden, an able labyrinth of hedges in front of the Casino, which after various changes it is still possible to admire. In here took place musicals of the 16th and 17th centuries.

During the 18th century the DOria Pamphilj family continued to built fountains and portals, to underline the importance of their ancestry. The immense park was redesigned naturalistically, as an English garden, which favored a less geometric nature than the Italian ones.

Between 1849 and 1850, during the brief defense of the Roman Republic against the French, the Villa became the scene of bloody clashes. Fortified by Garibaldi, was bombarded by the French army, whose destroyed the nearby Villa Corsini, just outside the Doria Pamphilj’s property. Villa Corsini was known as Villa dei Quattro Venti because of its elevated position over the unhealthy air of Rome. At the end of the war the Doria Papmhilj family, bought the remains of Villa Corsini and the surroundings , and in memory of the Villa built on its place the Arco dei Quattro Venti, which today is the park’s principal entrance, at Porta San Pancrazio.

Villa Doria Papmphilj was bought by Italian State in 1957, and since then is a public park.


Although Villa Pamphilj has hundred years, is still one of the best preserved villas of Rome. The only ‘’affront’’ of the time was the forced division of the Villa in the western and eastern wings, by the work of the  via Olimpica, which literally cuts it in two parts. Despite this, the magnificence of its buildings and its gardens, have elected the Villa as the representative office of the Italian Government.

The Villa is divided into three parts: pars urbana, including buildings and gardens; pars fructuaria, that is the pine wood,  and the pars rustica with the farm.

Inside there is also a stream that comes in a lake with an island in the middle of elliptical shape. Today the Villa sees the roman come in to enjoy its open spaces, where is extremely pleasant walk or ride a bicycle; in the middle of its valleys, seems to not even be in town.

Opening hours

Villa Papmhilj is open daily, from 7.00 a.m. until sunset. We organize guided tours for schools, for information call 06 39967800.

Getting there

Easily accessible by car, Villa Pamphilj offers its guests numerous entrances. The main entrances are located at: Via Leone XIII 30, Via Leone XIII 74,Via Leone XIII 75, Largo M. L. King 8, Via Aurelia Antica 327, Via Aurelia Antica 183, Via di S. Pancrazio 10, Piazza di S. Pancrazio, Via Vitellia 76, Via Vitellia 102, Via della Nocetta 30.

By public transport instead, you can get many buses that will leave you in close proximity of the various entrance. In particular you can get bus 31, 44, 75, 791, 870, 982.



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