Villa Ada – English


Villa Ada is the second largest public park in Rome, after Villa Doria Pamphilj. Is located in the northern area of the city, near via Salaria, just outside the Aurelian Walls. The actual area cover about 160 sqm.


Historical notice

Villa Ada was built during the 17th century as head office of the English College. The Villa was been changed several times from his owners. For example, at the beginning of the 19th century, prince Luigi Pallavicini organized an area of the park with Italian’s gardens and the rest with English’s garden. After the king Vittorio Emanuele II used the villa as a game reserve, and then commissioned the construction of the Villa Reale and the neo-gothic tower. The villa then belonged to the Swiss Count Tellfner, and the to another king, Vittorio Emanuele III, which reorganized it with Italian’s gardens. The Villa took its name from the wife of one of its owners, the Count Tellfner, whose name was infact Ada.



The actual area if the villa cover about 160 sqm. Entering into the villa from the lake, is found a large part totally wild, that can be walked through the narrow path. The principal walk leads to Parioli district, and also to Piazzale delle Muse. Today who enter into this wonderful park can forget every historical consideration. These beautiful places help the relaxation of the mind, the abandonment of every thoughts or stresses which characterize our society. Whoever enters into this villa to play sports, to study, to think, to meet other people, or simply to relax himself, enter into a dimension parallel to the big city; a quiet and thoughtless dimension, close to the primordial nature, where ‘’the soul becomes weightless’’ and the fears and the judgments leave us.


Whoever enters in a park, goes out from the city. During summer are hosted in the park musicals and other events, but different environmental groups contest these uses of the villa because of the risks that entail for the tree heritage.


Environment’s preservation

In this period Villa Ada is the object of an intense debate, that is: environmental groups belonged to the associations ‘’Villa Ada greens and WWF Lazio’’ are opposed to the renovation and expansion of the head office of the Cairo’s consulate in the villa, in contrast with the municipality of Rome. These associations talk about ‘’absurd and wild cast of concrete that is affecting the heart of Villa Ada’’. ‘’The works were evidently extended – accuse – and are leading to the construction of a perimeter wall of hundreds meters of reinforced concrete that has destroyed all the existing tree’s species on the track. A clear and unacceptable damage to the landscape designed and built by landscape’s architects of the 18th and 19th centuries as Puri de Marchis and famous gardeners such as Richter, who became director of the royal villas. Are unheard that under a legitimate right of defense, can afford the compromission the cultural heritage of an historical and environmental importance such as Villa Ada, in the light of the strict law that binds the same and, more generally, all the historical villas.





Opening hours

From  7.00 a.m. until the sunset.


Getting there

Bus: 63, 86 (via Nemorense, Piazza Verbano), 231 (via Salaria)

Games for children: via Salaria 275

Path equipped for gymnastics: valley area of cork oak entrance via Salaria 275

Nature trails: by the WWF at the Cooperativa Valle dei Casali Tel. 06 66167140/5677

Environmental playroom: via Salaria 267



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