Fontana di Trevi – English


The Trevi fountain is the biggest and the most important fountain of Rome. Anyone who comes to visit the Eternal City does not avoid from the auspicious ritual of throwing coins must be made turning back to the fountain. This wonderful monument was ordered by Pope Clement XII with a dual aim, to supply to Rome drinking water and provide for a great work.

Historical notes

The history of the Trevi fountain in a way, begins many centuries before his arrival in Rome with the construction of the aqueduct water virgin, wanted by Agrippa to feed the thermal baths near the Pantheon. The name derives from the legend of the same Agrippa, according to which the location of the sources was shown to the soldiers by a young girl, in Latin “virgo”.

The aqueduct virgin, though limited in its reach due to the damage caused by the barbarian invasions, remained in operation.

In the middle of1400 was built a fountain with large basins by the will of Pope Nicholas V. This fountain, designed by Giovan Battista Alberti, had a great practical importance for the Romans, after about three centuries in which they had used the water of the Tiber, they returned to have spring water.The basin of this first fountain was on the opposite side of the square than the current one. Pope Urban VIII began thinking about a transformation of the square and entrusted the project to Gian Lorenzo Bernini, but the work is stopped for lack of funds. Pope Clement XII will be up to hold a competition for a large fountain that incorporates the whole facade of the Palazzo Poli. The competition shall be won by Niccolò Salvi, who plans to tell the story of the virgin water through architecture and sculpture. The works started in 1732, however, will suffer some stops and the fountain after it opened, not yet finished, will be completed in 1762, eleven years after the death of Salvi, under the direction of Giuseppe Pannini.

How to get there

The Trevi fountain is in the historic center, impossible to get there by private vehicle.

By public transport: from Termini station you can take the subway,line A, for two stops to Barberini/Fontana di Trevi.

Then continue in via Tritone to via della Stamperia, which is a street on the left. This one takes you to Piazza di Trevi.

The walk is a little more than six hundred meters.

If you don’t want to walk you can always take from Termini, the bus n.175 and get off at Tritone/Fontana di Trevi, reducing the road on foot about three hundred meters.



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